In Bali, an average tourist uses 2500 liters of water per day while the locals use only 180 liters. Tourists generate 3.7kg of waste per day while locals generate only 0.7kg. And 50% ends up in landfill. What can we do as consious travelers?

Mana Earthly Paradise responds to the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana—harmony between people, the gods and the environment. Ancient wisdom has been woven with sustainable eco-design to create a low-impact oasis that:

  • features earth-bag houses

  • uses solar power for all its lights

  • uses rainwater for all its water supply

  • recycles wastewater to grow plants

  • made from recycled or sustainably-sourced wood—not a single tree was cut down for construction!

  • is single-use plastic free in our market and eco villas and striving to reach this standard in our kitchen

  • minimizes and composts food waste

  • recycles waste with Eco Bali

We would like to thank Hatiku Indonesia for art direction, TsaTsa House for earth-bag construction, Soyoko for permaculture garden design, and Alam Santi for eco-consulting,


What eco technologies
are we using?

Mana Earthy Paradise Earth Bag Houses

earth-bag buildings

Mana Earthy Paradise features 6 earth bag buildings that are the epitome of eco-architecture. They are durable, ecological and have slow heat transfer.

Sundaya Solar at Mana

sundaya solar

Lighting accounts for 6% of total CO2 emissions. At Mana Earthly Paradise 100% of lighting is powered by solar energy using the JouleBox solar system.

Rainwater Harvesting at Mana

rainwater harvesting

Bali suffers from water shortage. To avoid taking precious water from the Balinese people, we try to be self-sufficient by collecting rainwater to supply all our facilities. The rainwater is captured from our roofs, filtered and sterilized to potable quality before distributed throughout the hotel so tap water is safe to drink here!

Wastewater Garden

wastewater garden

Water pollution is widespread in Bali. The wastewater from the kitchen, showers and toilets are fed into the wastewater gardens and reused to grow plants and trees. In our wastewater gardens, we reproduce the conditions of natural wetlands—the “kidneys of the Earth”— so that we don't pollute the water of the island we love so much!

Recycled Wood at Mana

reclaimed, upcycled or sustainably sourced wood

Deforestation accounts for 10-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. All the wood used to build Mana Earthly Paradise is from reclaimed, upcycled or sustainably sourced wood—not a single tree was cut down on site while building.


nornnorn mattresses

We are renting all of our mattresses through NornNorn—when the contract period finishes in 7 years, the rental company will disassemble the mattresses and recycle at least 90% of the components.

Eco Toilets at Mana

toto & wostman eco flush toilets

We use TOTO Eco Flush toilets in all the villas and Wostman UDT Eco Flush toilets in the public areas. An average person flushes 39L of water per day using a normal toilet. By simply shifting to an eco toilet bowl, water usage goes down to 4L per day, realising an 86% reduction.

Eco Laundry at Mana

eco laundry

We use local plastic-free eco-laundry which uses environment-friendly detergent and solution for stains.