Food that nourishes life.

Mana Kitchen is an organic, probiotic, life-nourishing restaurant where Japanese superfood meets Indonesian cuisine.

We use heirloom vegetables grown in our permaculture garden and other organic sources to serve up homemade probiotic food that awakens your mind, body and soul.

Open to all 7:30am—9pm


We believe you are what you eat & food is medicine in itself.

Our aim is to provide food that maximises human potential and sustains lives for generations. This is important because so much of the food that we consume nowadays is essentially lifeless and nutrition-less. White rice grains won’t sprout if you plant them. The majority of rice consumed in Indonesia is green-revolution rice, which yields large volumes but dilutes the nutrition content. White wheat is similarly devoid of regenerative properties. Most vegetables sold at supermarkets are made from F1 seeds that are designed for one-generation consumption.

Mana Kitchen provides food the way the earth blessed us with. We call it ‘awakening food’ because when you consume food the most natural way, it awakens your soul, mind, body and all your senses. Of course, we do not allow GMO vegetables, MSG seasoning, microwaves, and other evils to enter our kitchen.

We are not a vegetarian restaurant but we decided against serving beef because it's the most unecological things to produce. The popular red meat requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken and 11 times more water. Production of beef meat accounts for a staggering 80% of the total greenhouse gas emitted by all livestock.

Mana Kitchen: Food

Menu created by: Yasuhiro Higa

An Okinawa native, Yasuhiro Higa is trained in French cuisine and is an expert in macrobiotic cooking and food-as-medicine. For the past several years, he has traveled extensively around Japan to work with local food producers and restaurants to maximise the potential of unique, locally grown produce and revitalise struggling businesses and economies. This is his first overseas project. Bali reminds him a lot of his childhood growing up in rural Okinawa. He is currently working with cancer doctors to develop food that nourishes life.

Mana Ubud Chef: Yasuhiro Higa