An earthly paradise for the eco-conscious traveller in Ubud, Bali

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Mana Earthly Paradise


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Mana Earthly Paradise is a next generation hotel run by Earth Company. Mana embodies circularity and sustainability through its eco villas, probiotic restaurant, and conscious store.
Mana strives to be part of the solution not the problem.


mana eco villas

Mana Eco Villas embody innovation, sustainability, and style. Using natural materials, six earth-bag domes have been carefully crafted from recycled wood, bamboo and natural stone, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

mana kitchen

Mana Kitchen is an organic, probiotic, life-nourishing restaurant that offers Japanese-Indonesian fusion food.

We use heirloom vegetables grown in our permaculture garden and other organic sources to serve up homemade food with probiotic seasoning that is healthy and eco-conscious.

mana market

A curated collection of essential items eco- and socially- conscious people need in their daily lives. From food and toiletries to upcycled and eco-innovative products.

The Mana Market is single-use plastic free, organic, MSG free, locally produced and socially minded—sourcing products from marginalised communities across Bali and Indonesia.


Circular & conscious

We use solar, harvest rainwater, serve probiotic food, and build houses from earth bags and recycled wood.


Mana Features

Mana Ubud: Yoga Shala

yoga shala

Sitting above a pond, our Yoga Shala is the physical and symbolic heart of Mana Earthly Paradise. It’s the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and mind as you connect with the lush environment surrounding you.

Please check with reception for timetable.

Mana Ubud: Playground

playground (coming soon)

We welcome children at Mana Earthly Paradise. Our playground is an inclusive play space where local and foreign kids can come together. It’s a space for kids to be kids, while adults can relax nearby in our restaurant.

Mana Ubud: Permaculture Garden

permaculture garden

Get your hands in the dirt in our permaculture garden and experience farm-to-table living.

Natural canals weave across the gardens, bringing fresh water in from the nearby rivers and the subak giving life to our gardens.

Each morning you can pick the vegetables and herbs you will eat that day.


social innovation & sustainability

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